The Bima


Solomon Gold, Inc.

History of Nome Mining

Gold was discovered in creeks flowing into Norton Sound in 1898, and shortly after on the ocean beaches.  Nome grew to a city of 20,000 over night.  Nome's on-shore production approximates 4.5 million ounces of gold since 1898.

Offshore, there is a well known placer deposit of gold in waters generally less than 65 ft deep.  In the 1960's, the area was studied by seismic surveys and early drilling by Shell Mining Company, USGS, US Bureau of mines and ASARCO.  In the 1980's, it was further studied and mined by Power Resources (Nova Natural Resources), AMAX Gold, and WestGold. 

From 1987-1990, Westgold  using the Bima (the largest bucket line dredge in the world at the time) produced 118,000 ounces of gold during a four-year period.  Westgold also drilled throughout the area bringing the total of drill holes to over 3,500.

In 2012, the television series Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel has re-awakened interest in the offshore Nome gold deposit.